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Software Engineer

Please submit your CV by email to: tech@netthings.co.uk

Your role at NetThings

You’ll be a key part of our engineering team, analysing potential opportunities, developing new software, identifying defects, and maintaining the existing codebase for our range of IoT, energy monitoring, control and display products.

  • Your assessment of the levels of complexity and risk in work items will have a direct feed into the company’s decision-making process
  • You’ll design, implement and document solutions
  • You’ll co-operate with colleagues to review and test what they’ve produced
  • Although reporting to the development manager, you’re likely to rub shoulders at many levels (directors, sales, operations, support, customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • You’ll share the excitement of shaping the NetThings product roadmap, identifying the architecture and tools that will get us there, and enhancing processes along the way to help the team stay nimble

The type of person we’re looking for

Here at NetThings, we don’t obsess about making you regurgitate deep technical facts to justify yourself. The tools we use mean nothing unless our people have the nous to craft them into practical benefits that delight our customers; that’s our real obsession, the one that permeates our Agile approach to building products.

So, technical expertise aside, we like to look at left/right brain balance. In particular:

  • You’ll share our drive to push ahead in the ‘Internet of Things’ world, knowing both how to stand back to look at the big picture as well as giving microscopic attention to detail
  • Your rational engineering approach won’t be afraid to flex its muscle in unfamiliar environments and move sideways to pick up new skills (example: trial a new tool that may help us move in a new direction and share what you learned with the rest of the team)
  • You’ll be cool about us being a modestly sized team: we’ll always support you when needed, but in turn you’ll be a player who picks up responsibilities without prompting and commits to fully completing tasks without short-cuts
  • You’ll be comfortable collaborating with other staff and customers whose disciplines and levels of understanding may not match your own, and you’ll have the wisdom to know when to speak up but also when to compromise
  • You won’t stress over day-to-day working in a dynamic start-up environment where boundaries can be fuzzy and roles/requirements don’t evolve in straight lines; priorities change, so occasionally we’ll ask you to swap horses
  • You’ll be able to communicate in a way that’s professional, timely and accurate with others, both orally and in writing

Technologies we use

Infrastructure:          Linux, Android, Git, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence

Back end:                    Java, C, C++, Go, NodeJS, npm

Front end:                  JavaScript, React, Backbone

IoT/BMS:                    MQTT, Zigbee, Modbus, BACnet, M-Bus, Develco, Tridium

Cloud:                          AWS, Azure, Elastic, Kibana, Logstash, Portofino, NoSQL

Ideally, as a minimum, you’ll have …

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or related discipline
  • A good knowledge of at least one modern programming language
  • Working knowledge of the Linux operating system
  • A minimum of five years as a professional software developer, half of that gained in a product business, including the use of a version control system
  • A year or two’s experience of working in an Agile development environment, ideally gained in a business start-up environment
  • Appreciate how to write easily testable code – and unit tests for it
  • Knowledge of at least some of the popular technologies which underpin modern networked solutions, i.e. REST, JSON, MQTT, AJAX, sockets, web-sockets, event-based programming, streaming
  • Be able to write and understand basic SQL statements

Extra kudos if you can show …

  • Additional professional training in the techniques of software design & development
  • Knowledge of how to secure systems
  • Experience of NoSQL databases and Serverless architectures
  • Knowledge of Unix scripting
  • Experience of team leadership
  • Industrial knowledge in any of IoT, cloud-based solutions, energy management, or building management systems
  • Familiarity with microcontrollers or other hardware design

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